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  • mom of 3 sons (who are amazing but not very good listeners)
  • wife of a pastor  (who is even more amazing and slightly better at listening)
  • neat freak (but less neat than I was prior to having 3 boys)
  • literature guru (check out my reviews and reading lists on Amazon and Goodreads)
  • author (Best of Friends)
  • lover of travel, especially to Europe, and all things royal, castles, museums, art, etc. (check out my Pinterest)
  • MS & HS English teacher
  • chocolate-lover (I have slowly accustomed myself to loving dark instead of milk, so now I don’t feel guilty anymore)
  • substitute HS teacher (yep, I’m that daring; see “How to substitute teach and survive“)
  • lover of the outdoors: walking, sitting, taking pictures (nothing too strenuous–read “Why you should become a jalker“)
  • tutor for the struggling and advanced learners (everyone can love writing & reading!)
  • Bible study & retreat speaker
  • favorite authors: Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Harper Lee, Lois Lowry, C. S. Lewis, Louisa May Alcott, E. B. White, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Kathryn Stockett, Katherine Mansfield, John Steinbeck, Alexandre Dumas, O. Henry, Robert Frost, William Shakespeare, Elizabeth George Speare, Beth Moore, Philip Yancey

When the writing obsession began:

While in the second grade, I wrote and illustrated my first book–a  little stapled story about a family of mice whose last name was “Tiny.”  Very creative. I had read a lot of Beatrix Potter by then, so my mice were cute and well-dressed, but not original. My love of fiction grew from there. After traveling west with the Ingalls family, exploring the mysteries of Mary’s secret English garden, and crying with Wilbur, the prize-winning pig, I had fallen hopelessly in love with the written word. It’s an obsession that has expanded with time.

I published my first children’s novel in 1989 under my maiden name, Susan Walley. I earned a B.A. in Creative Writing. I went into teaching English and writing, instructing scores of children and teens how to express themselves through writing (not to mention drilling them on grammar). I’ve even made some avid readers out of non-readers and writers out of non-writers!

I’ve contributed to magazines and written endless curriculum for both church and school settings, which I really need to publish at some point. My writing spans a variety of genres–from the apologetics of my faith to the hilarity of my family life (1 uptight gal + 4 active guys=Crazyville). Hope you enjoy the breadth and depth of my writings on this website.

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    We discovered your blog and would like to invite you to write for our website and on occasion our print magazine. We are relaunching this summer. We sell world wide, in every language and have a media following of millions. We would be blessed and honored if you would join our team.



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