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Grace: how to get it and why it will change you


I picture Elaine Benice, from Seinfeld, scrunching up her face in the episode where she meets Mr. Pitts, who has noticed her startling resemblance to Jackie O.

“You think I have grace?sunrise-in-mountains

Of course not. But then neither do I, most of the time.

Grace is on my mind because the topic came up in church on Sunday. The mystery of grace makes me pause to consider: what is it, and how do I get it? Will grace make a difference in my life?

Grace is the ability to see people as God sees them–worthy, desirable, and full of potential. Although we were unworthy, undesirable, and completely lacking in potential, God sacrificed his Son to purchase our souls. He somehow looked past what we were and loved us for what we were meant to be–what He had intended us to be. This perspective might eradicate hatred, violence, and poverty worldwide, if only we could see everyone through this lens.

Not many of us have that kind of grace.  Oh, we throw out some random acts of kindness or hold our tempers, but that’s not grace. That’s kindness and self-control (and probably not very good examples of either). Continue reading