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Why branding might be ruining art

All the platform gurus tell you to “build a brand.” Figure out who you are, what you’re selling, and then market it. Define yourself. It makes sense. But, branding is becoming an art of its own, which is fine. I’m just afraid it might be ruining real art. After all, real art is artistry, not perceived artistry. Vert few masterpieces have been appreciated in their own time.

If you’re a regular person like me (or even worse, an artist), branding yourself is tricky business. Because, like I said, you don’t consider yourself a business. You’re an artist. You just want to write, paint, act, play music, create things, or communicate concepts. Your art flows from who you are, not the other way around. But in order to promote your art, you must specialize in something sale-able, and it must be a stereotype that fits you. No one told you, when you were six and drawing up a storm, that someday you’d have to become a marketing gymnast to do anything with your drawings.

This branding routine is like telling a mom to specialize on her mothering perception rather than on the art of mothering. You know, fill her social media pages with professional and i-phone photography of happy children eating their tofu and getting into IB programs. She will get likes on all her social media posts, which of course, she manages easily on top of her real responsibilities. She is adept at posting pictures and videos of herself. Her children comment that she is their best friend, and they can tell her anything. Continue reading