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Peter’s perspective: the denial

Witnesses of the Cross series:

Peter’s perspective on denial

Everyone experiences high and low points in their spiritual journey. Mine are pretty obvious. The first high occurred while my brother Andrew and I were casting our nets out over the lake.  An ordinary-looking man walked along the shore and called to us.bare-feet-in-the-sand-2

“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Andrew tugged on my sleeve. “This was the man I was telling you about. We have found the Messiah!”

That’s all it took. We rowed back to shore and left our boat and nets sitting right there on the sandy beach. My feet followed Jesus from then on. I never looked back–not till those awful days surrounding His death. Not even when my wife fretted over my long absences or when people ridiculed us for leaving our family business or questioned our loyalty to this remarkable rabbi from nowhere. Not even after Jesus’ rebuked me–and there are many times He did that! No matter which of my idiotic statements brought down a reproach, I still drew drew to Jesus. My feet kept moving wherever He moved.

But not everyone was as certain as I was about Jesus being the Messiah. And because I was so certain, I was afraid that He would be rejected–or worse yet, hurt, and God’s plan for redemption of our people would never come to pass. I made a habit of scanning the crowds and watching the sneering Pharisees. Sometimes I wore a sword, not because I was looking for a fight, but I sure wasn’t walking away from one. Continue reading