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Ruth & Naomi: A Story to Live By

Redemption is the act of buying back something or someone carrying tremendous debt. Redemption supplies the makings of a blockbuster story–a deliciously ironic ending and the resolution to a climactic dilemma of hopelessness and desperation. Throw in a few deaths, a love story, and an unanticipated royal line, you have the makings of  one great saga. Maybe even a story you can live by.


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Searching for my Father

43 years after my father’s tragic plane crash, I found myself standing at the entrance to the cavern that enveloped his plane, hiking the ravines which held the pieces of his aircraft, sitting in perhaps the very seat that strapped him in when his plane exploded in the Santa Ana Mountains. This was the end of a long chapter in my life but the beginning of another.


(podcast coming soon)