I’m tired

I’m tired. I’ll bet you are, too, so you’re semi-mindlessly scanning posts to feel either invigorated or validated. I’m doing the same thing, only I do it by writing.

It’s a nicer version of complaining. On the positive side, you might feel perkier by reading about how tired I am.cup-of-coffee-14370867388q4

The school year has started up again, and if you’re a parent, a student, or a teacher, YOU ARE TIRED. I shouldn’t complain, because at least we got the summer basically off, whereas the rest of the world just keeps on working and doesn’t have this awful ramp-up time of preparation or changed bedtime and wake-time routines every September.

This is the part of the blog where I should give good advice about how to overcome tiredness. Or in my case, this is where I need you to post a comment about how to overcome tiredness, because I stink at it. Please, I beg you, alleviate my exhaustion with wisdom not yet discovered by me! Continue reading

How compassion wrecks me

Next Tuesday, my husband and I are scheduled to leave for Ethiopia, where our missions team should do construction, teach, and minister in the town of Debre Birhan, near the capital of Addis Ababa. The area has changed dramatically over the 10 years that our church has been sending teams there.

The lone dirt road toward the capital is now paved, although still dotted with checkpoints and armed police. (Typical, safe Africa.) The small frame of a church has developed into a large, modern building commanding the street, with an inner courtyard and lots of classroom and community space. The work has progressed under the missionary’s careful leadership and the countless volunteer hours from Americans and Ethiopians. If the building doesn’t show continual progress each year, the Ethiopian government will seize it, quite happily, for their own purposes. This year’s deadline is approaching.img_4628

Another deadline looms, one of a more personal nature for me. For the past 15 years, our family has supported a boy, Henok, who is now a young man. In April, when he turns 21, he will age out of the Compassion program where he is enrolled, just 4 hours north by bumpy road from Debre Birhan to his town of Desse. There Henok goes to school (he’s learning to be a mechanic), goes to church, and writes me letters. He’s been asking me for years if I would come visit him. Continue reading

How to purge (i.e. clean out your attic, closet, garage, etc.)

IMG_4618 (1)

I had this necklace and earrings made from an old necklace of my mom’s. I love the update!

I have recently finished my autumn purge. By that I mean, I go through the house hunting for things to get rid of. I really do. Kitchen, bedrooms, attic, basement, closets. I do a seasonal purge at least twice per year and small purges every time I begin feeling claustrophobic in my own house. Somehow, purging helps me breathe better. If I open a closet door, and things fall out, that closet is getting purged.

IMG_4588This brings up 2 important questions for you to consider, whether you are a pack-rat or a minimalist. They are: What should you purge? and Where should your purged stuff go?

Okay, let’s answer those questions quickly so you can get started on your closets.

What should you purge?

Here are 10 PURGING RULES, all having the ultimate purpose of lessening the clutter in your house and sending items to their new destination–donation, re-sale, trash, or re-purpose: Continue reading